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Deadline for applications is 15 March 2019


  • Background and skills

    Rate yourself! Please use the following table to assess your mathematical and programming skills. 1 = no knowledge, 2 = used a long time ago in a course far away, 3 = use maybe once a week and have to look up many commands, 4 = daily usage and will soon become an expert, 5 = expert and daily usage
  • Hidrology

  • Mathematics

  • Statistics

  • Programming

  • Please describe your academic background and current field of research
  • Where do you want to apply the techniques learnt during this course? What problems do you want to address?
  • What do you expect to learn during this course? Do you want to get a broad overview of the topic? Detailed “know-how”? Do you want to solve a specific problem? Understand the literature better?

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